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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kiwanas Ugly Dog Contest

Spent Sunday March 7 at the annual Kiwana's Ugly Dog Contest.

That's Ronie above.
Jim took puppy in program Tatiana and since P.I.P Francie was still in heat, I took Ronie (Linda's girl) to give my Kerry the day off. Plus with the rain, 2 dogs were plenty.

They moved the event indoors which was quite a change from past years spent outdoors at the Del Mar Racetrack paddock area. I'm sure Kiwanas also felt the impact to their donations - but it was a very fun day. Besides the ugly contest there are a myriad of other categories to also enter. But we just watched and enjoyed the spectacle this year.

Many were already in the Irish spirit since it's soon St Paddy's Day.

me with Ronie

First up - CUTEST PUPPY Category:

CUTEST PUPPY ENTRIES. Really? How on earth do the judges pick one?

Here's the winner! Can anything really trump a golden pup?! Never

Ah but this is close...

and this button nose and fuzzy face...darling

The judging in fierce. Prettiest female entry...

Another female contestant.

This big guy received MOST HANDSOME male.

AND the Ugliest dog is ...


Of course it didn't hurt that his person actually campaigned for Rascal!
Here he meets his adoring fans after his win....

A trophy? A trophy? A stinking trophy!? Where are my cookies, some kibble at least something edible?! Hmmm this wiener leash looks tasty...

Bandit the Biker dog's protege' is this new guy - Chopper. Rest in peace Bandit - he looks like he'll make you proud. Do I need additional adornment? Then how about a sweater for this rainy day?

One pooped out pooch!

What a mug


1000 Goldens said...

That looks like a great event, what a great variety of dogs! Would have loved to see those puppies :)

~Kim~ said...

What a fun event to attend!! I recently entered our Wheaten Terrier in a "Cutest dog contest" for a trip to Florida, so we'll see if he wins--I didn't tell him I entered him, so he won't be disappointed when he doesn't win! :-) Have a good week!!

CalBuckeye said...

Ahhh I hope your Wheaten wins! He/you deserve a trip to FLA. :) Good luck!