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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Visiting La Quinta for Scrap Booking

January 2010

A very cool sunset the night we arrived.

My work station and Lyn's on the right.

Get aways are so fun.

Just to have a change of scenery... but it's even better to do so with friends AND also get to stretch my creative energies.
In January Linda, Lisa and I ventured to La Quinta and enjoyed a weekend of scrapping at Dusty's.

It's a wonderful retreat for all you creative types! I spent the weekend working on Ever's puppy albums - one for Dad; one for me. I also worked on the Christmas gift I am handcrafting for my sister Natalie in Ohio.

At home, getting around to my projects it is so hard to sit down and get them done I find. There's always stuff needing done at home.

But if I go to Dusty's - she has everything AND I mean everything I need right at my fingertips. In 2 1/2 days I had a total of just 7 hours sleep. Stayed up until 6am the first night I arrived. Then Saturday night stayed up until 3am, to bed and then up at 7am to get back to the fun.

Here's a peak at Dusty's awesome "scrap shack" in the desert. Although being spoiled with all the supplies you can use and enough yummy food to send you home completely satiated -the word shack really is a HUGE understatement.

Lyn and Lisa

Lisa at her work station

Linda hard at work

Supplies and more supplies....

and more supplies - I think you get the picture here!

Just bring your own photos and album and your ready to get at it...

Dusty is raising a CCI pup so I took as many photos of the dogs as the scrapping fun!

Her current pup is Novia ("Mia") and her release pup is Joanie.

They had a ball with Francie. Francie was so worn out we even caught her on the furniture (gasp!) napping.

Wow Mom - neat new slippers from these ladies!

Joanie, Mia, Francie

Playtime - so fun!

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1000 Goldens said...

That scrapbook store looks awesome :o) I wish we had one with so many choices! Your doggies are beautiful, thank you for visiting us. We will be back!