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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Francie's First Parade

Francie joined her friends today and was in her first parade.
The La Jolla Christmas Parade. It's a lovely route with stunning views to the Pacific ocean now and then through the buildings, down the street below us.

This baby girl loved the dogs and squealed with glee to see Francie and Ronie.
It was an overcast day with a sky that looked like it could threaten rain, but alas this IS San Diego and it held off for us. Linda brought Francie’s Aunt Ronie, and this too would be her first parade as she was released too young as a CCI pup in training to participate back in 2005. All the pups wore their best holiday get up – antlers, bells, Santa hats- they looked festive and seemed to know they were dressed up for a reason.

Here is a photo of our Canine Companion group:
A float gets some finishing touches. Francie is more keen on a dog coming her way.

In the staging area waiting for our number to come up. Pups in training.

Me with Francie wearing our Christmas red.

Nancy was a great organizer and her Girl Scout troop again carried our banner at the front. We weren’t supposed to throw or hand out anything but I quietly handed the kids on the curbs CCI bookmarks about service dogs, encouraging them to read.

The girl scout troop that carried the CCI banner.

Francie was fascinated by the horses, her nose quivering as she took in their scent. Most intriguing however was a piece of tinsel blowing across the road, for Francie is quite fascinated by anything light and dancing in a breeze – feathers, fuzzies, her handfuls of fur when I brush her…yes these absolutely captivate her. Hopefully she grows out of this fixation or it just may prove a reason for release from the CCI program in Advanced Training next summer. (But we thing positively and keep working on her training so she dis-regards such distractions).
Willie and Garden in the parade, blurry due to trying to walk and take a photo.

Linda, Ronie, Willie and her pup Garden and Francie and I enjoyed a yummy lunch together at a sidewalk table each selecting menus from nearby restaurants and then it was homeward bound with some really tired dogs.
I wonder if they had visions of sugar plums dancing in their doggie heads? Naaaah – probably just rawhide chewies or nylabones.

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