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Monday, August 31, 2009

Where the surf meets the turf-in old Del Mar

Friends of Casey, Day at the Races (July 2009)
A pivotal summer activity for many in San Diego is going to the horse races at Del Mar. Since 1995 or so I’ve been joining a friend’s group for a pre-race party and racing advice seminar.
Now Casey is from Kentucky originally so he prides himself on knowing horse racing… When Casey first started putting the group together & would buy a block of grandstand tickets - the Del Mar folks asked him the name of his group –so he just dubbed us “Friends of Casey” so we’ve been FOC every since. While his parties were a bit rowdier in his earlier, single days in Pacific Beach, Casey still has a kicking party. Although he now lives in La Jolla, is married (to a fellow Kentuckian!), and has two young boys. Casey taught me what a true Mint Juleps tastes like and it is SO GOOD – made only with authentic Kentucky Bourbon of course, fresh mint leave branches poured over crushed ice into real pewter glasses!

His friend Garth always puts on a racing tips forum outlining the proper way to place a bet, and updates us all on the season’s stats to date for the various jockeys, trainers, horses, and stables. We figure if Garth does well enough that the IRS has him fill out tax forms at the races, then hey! we just might learn something from him. Ha
this little gal is all ready in her hat and sun dress...

Well even with all the tips, I still came out in the red this year…picking only two first place winners, but the one I got closed out at the window before I could place the bet due to a lady allowing her friend to ditch line. And doesn’t it just figure, THAT was one of winners I selected-- “Time Gone By” (sentimental meaning).

(Side note: I met a gal last summer that has a charity called “after the finish line”. See her link here:
Her group helps retired race horses, finding them homes; as race horses that no longer race or perform well enough are considered disposable. So as much as I still love the pageantry horse racing, this Sport of Kings; watching these majestic animals run; it’s hard for me to not think of the by-product of the industry.

I am glad to know groups like Dawn’s exist to help these magnificent racers.

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