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Saturday, August 8, 2009

A drive down memory lane....

The first home I lived in when I moved to San Diego.

Through the front windshield ...and this second shot - out the passenger side window.

Today quite spontaneously, after breakfast at Pipes CafĂ©, I drove by the first place I lived when I moved to California. Cardiff-by-theSea…
I had not been in this neighborhood (Sandy Point) for probably 14 years although it’s only minutes from where I now live. It was my Dad’s first home in San Diego from moving down from Mission Viejo. And I lived here with him for a year after college graduation before getting my first apartment across town in Mira Mesa closer to my job.

Now it’s a gated community so I really didn’t think I’d get in, to see the home unless I followed a car through the gate. But oddly for some reason the gate was wide open so I just drove on in. What a drive down memory lane…I told Kerry dog, “this is where I lived before you were ever even a blip on the radar”, as she sat in the back seat and sniffed the air, her nose out the window, taking in the scents, trying to decipher what information she could glean from smells.

Everyone has regrets, but regrets are funny things. They really serve no purpose as the past is the past and noone can change anything about it. But one regret I do have is not moving into this beautiful home when Dad’s renters moved out and he was looking to sell it. I could have just taken over his loan – but I was too intimidated by the prospect. Plus I had only just purchased and moved into my first (and current) condo and settled in, in nearby Encinitas. But in hind site, (yes WITH 20/20 vision of course) living in this wonderful small community AND having this awesome investment – a home with
an ocean/white water view?!

Here below is the path down to the pool/jacuzzi and party house.

How could I have been so dense? And why didn’t Dad sit me down and really emphasize the opportunity? Of course to this day, he wishes he would have kept it but when his renters were continually giving him fits, emotionally it was too big of a drain. But oh what a lovely home – the gated community, a pool, a jacuzzi, ocean views, mountain views, a fountain/pond with trails and a community room for use by residents. Even in this market I did not see a single for-sale sign this morning.
This is the back; with a circular staircase to a deck with an incredible 180 degree view off the master bedroom (which has a dual fireplace) with an adjoining office.

There are many memories from living there- fun neighbors and parties with Sam/Phil, Art/Twila. and Jan and RJ. My room had the stained glass hot air balloon window.
Isn’t it pretty?

I can picture myself walking Kerry along these streets in the evening…would we have met other dog friends here? Would I have met someone’s son or brother; a potential suitor? Perhaps. The home is large enough I probably would have had a roommate… ah well.
But then I love my current neighborhood, my friends, the dog friendly open spaces of Encinitas and Village Park, the proximity to many things – restaurants, shops etc.

But oh that view! And a home so new I did not need to my ancient kitchen still beckons now after 20 years in my condo for a much needed re-model and the storage I would have had in this home...gosh I better stop now. I truly realize how fortunate I am. To own my very own home; on a cul de sac, with a fireplace, two car garage, access to pool and tennis courts. I am truly blessed. Sometimes things just slip from our fingers and we don't realize until later what opporutnity was missed.


California Girl said...

Good Morning! Enjoyed the post and, boy, can I relate. I've lived in S.D. three times: off El Cajon Blvd in early 70's while going to SDSU, in O.B. & P.B. while working in advtsg in the late 70's/early '80s, and the last time in Poway, '89-'97 with my family & hubby. My regret is over the small converted condo in P.B. I bought it for $45k in '80 and pretty much had it paid off by '87 when I decided I no longer wanted to keep it rented from 3k miles away. I sold it for $85k, a nice profit, but my husband continues to turn to me and say "Why did you sell the condo?"

I still love S.D. and it would have made a nice little place to go during the Winter months in N.H. (not that I can leave my job for that long) but...hindsight is 20/20 as they say. I TOTALLY sympathize.

Phoebe Miriah Kirby said...

I really appreciate you taking the time to comment on my blog. I loved San Diego when I visited in the beginning of the year!
My husband and I are still waiting for our orders, but were hoping it well be San Diego. ;)

CalBuckeye said...

New Hampshire? Ooh my fantasy is to spend Christmas some winter in a B&B back in New England...just for a week or so. So you've seen both coasts!

And you probably have friends in P.B. today they remind you of real estate prices here...ah well. Thanks for commenting.

CalBuckeye said...

Phoebe, for your sake I too hope his orders are for you two to be assigned to San Diego...I wonder if that would be Oceanside or 32nd street...? Good luck. It's a great place to live.