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Friday, November 13, 2009

She's a Star (well locally anyway)

In August I took both Kerry and Francie to Cardiff by the Sea for the annual Dogs Days of Summer festival.

I entered Francie in the costume contest and she modeled Irma's old Tango outfit -the one I sewed for the Canine Companions Benefit "Tails and Tango" back in 2003. Francie was a Spanish Belle. I thought she looked stunning! At only 6 months old, Francie was just the sweetest about donning the outfit.

But after all our effort she didn't even place... I thought she would maybe take 3rd place. But some big dog with a lazy costume, consisting of board shorts and an aloha shirt won 3rd place.

And of course 1st and 2nd places went to the little dogs pulling wagons or something. One can NEVER compete with those little dogs. They're just too darn cute. But really, not even 3rd place for darling Francie in her pain stakingly hand-made outfit!?
Come now.

Well, turns out we got the last laugh -as when I opened the November issue of Encinitas Magazine there is Francie! Page 2 as soon as you open the magazine. And in good company too with our local skate boarding legend, world renown Tony Hawk!

See for yourself here: then you'll need to enter an email address to flip the pages and see this issue - but there she is, a candid of little Miss Francie, black hat with red ball fringe and all! Be sure to turn a few pages forward to read the whole story on the dog festival.

Here's a shot a friend took of me taking a rest with the girls.

Francie naps while Kerry smiles for the camera. And another pup also rests from the heat.

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