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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dinner with Jan and Bob

A top favorite activity for me is dining with friends...good company over good food and there's not much better.

My "California Mom" Jan, who is also my "Scorpio friend" (as our birthdays are just a few days apart in November) had me over for dinner recently for yummy lasagna.

I love Jan and Bob's home. They have a wonderful yard and we sat out back and caught up and visited over appetizers before moving inside for pasta and vino.

Pool side I admired the golden sunset beyond the trees. Jan is a busy realtor although she's at a point in her life she c/should taper off the work load and spend more time enjoying activities more important than working. Especially with a wonderful husband to spend doing those things with!

Bob is retired and he is my role model for how I want to be living my life in my 80's.
It's so nice having friends that although they are a couple, they invite me over to get together - when often times folks that are married don't consider doing this for those of us who are not coupled.
I've had them over for dinner and sometimes Dad and I dine with them- often for holidays as they are generous to include us in their holiday celebrations such as Easter or the like.

I adore their company and find them both so interesting - the places they've traveled, the people they've met and their views on the world.

Here are some self portraits photos I took of us while I was there. My arms are too short so Bob took the other (better) one since his arm is longer. I told him he should have smiled though! ha.

They supplied me with a new stock pile of lemons from their tree which I LOVE.

Yum. Here's to friends!!!

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